<p class="font_8">Here's us in our Clothing The Gaps shirts </p> <p class="font_8">We are proudly Murrawarri, living on Dgar Dgar Wurrung Country

Our Story

Hey, I'm Savannah!!

Here's my daughter (Aiya) and I in our Clothing The Gaps shirts!

We are proudly Muruwari, living and operating on Dja Dja Wurrung and Wadawurrung Country.

It was through my own postpartum journey that it became very clear there's such a gap when it comes to postpartum support. Somehow we've lost the knowledge and awareness that the Mother should be the centre, not the newborn. I get it, there's nothing more special than a brand new baby, and baby toys are super cute. But for the baby to be truely supported and nourished it must first start with the Mother. 

In my own journey I'm forever grateful that I was surrounded by some epic women who had done it all before me, this meant that I knew what was important before she was born. I hear way too often mother's saying how they wished they had support and knowledge of how to thrive in the forth trimester. That's why I've created this brand. Let's shower the Mother instead! 

With knowledge comes power, which doesn't just include the idea of this brand but also what I stock. Knowing how incredibly detrimental so many products are, from synthetic fragrances in candles to hormone disrupting deodorants and perfumes I wasn't about to market them to new families.. So everything you see at New Glow Co is natural/organic and non toxic. So that's one less thing you need to worry about. 

Please feel free to message about any questions or just pop over and say hey on Instagram at @newglow.co 

Love Sav! Xx 

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